Planning and Analytics Designed to Maximize
Retail Business Performance

End-to-End Retail Planning

Armonica Planning allows you to implement an End-to-End, Digital Best Practices Based and yet Streamlined, Efficient and Easy to Adopt Retail Planning Process

Leveraging on its Service Based Architecture, Armonica Planning combines process steps and the functionality required to support them in Micromodules. Each Micromodule can operate independently from the others allowing for faster projects and easier upgrades.

Merchandise Financial PlanningAlign Financial, Store and Merchandise Plans

Define Financial Targets for each channel and market, analyse the potential impact of currency fluctuations, maintain Store Network Development Plans, plan Comparable Sales and align them with Category plans to obtain your optimal purchase and inventory levels that maximize sales and margin whilst supporting brand image and consistency.
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Assortment PlanningCreate the perfect assortment for your customer

Create an Assortment Strategy that delivers the brand message, meets customer demand and respects financial and capacity constraints. Cluster stores and define the perfect assortment for each point of interaction with the customer. All in an intuitive, highly visual and highly productive environment.
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Buying and Initial AllocationAdopt a Buying process that is Insightful & Efficient

Provide your merchants and buyers an environment that facilitates collaboration to finalize buying decisions taking advantage of all the insights available, based on history and the previous planning steps, but at the same time intuitive and easy to use. With Armonica Planning merchants and buyers are always in control of the collection they are assembling for their customers and they can define initial allocations that ensure each store is set up based on their own characteristics and constraints.

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Store Allocation and ReplenishmentMaximize Availability and Sell Through

Anticipate future demand so that product is distributed to the right store at the right time, maximizing sales, customer service and optimizing overall sell through and margin. Consider space constraints as well as shipping and receiving calendars of stores and fulfilment centres.
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Forecasting and Vendor ReplenishmentAnticipate demand and drive vendor replenishment

Forecast sales considering events, promotions and seasonal patterns to drive stock management and vendor replenishment. Maximize product availability whilst optimizing inventory levels.
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In-Season Management and AnalyticsQuickly understand In-Season Dynamics and Proactively Respond

Quickly understand in season performance and trends, and be proactive leveraging on all in-season levers (In-season Open To Buy management, promotions, mark downs, store-transfers, transfer to outlet, etc.)
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